4 Crucial Points to Choose the Best IoT Platform, Check It Out!

Internet of Things (IoT) is among the most impactful technologies for businesses, regardless of size, by 2020.

This is what the Tech Breakthroughs Megatrend study (the Megatrends of Technology Advancement, in free translation), made by PwC. In Dubai, for example, police captured, in a period of 18 months, nearly 3,000 people locally and internationally – thanks to a scanner deployed in 2009 at the top of all police cars.

The sensor was capable of “reading” vehicle license plates and quickly detecting those whose owners are wanted – from those who committed traffic violations to criminal activity.

This is because, when connecting objects on the same network, it is possible to collect, access and integrate data in a simpler way. In this way, companies can analyze information for safer and more assertive decision making, improve operations, optimize the workforce, and increase productivity. But to succeed with technology, choosing the right platform is essential. Here are four features of the ideal platform:

1. Operates in cloud computing

Although some architectures consider a model of local connection to the platform using dedicated servers, cloud models must prevail as they are economically more feasible, in addition to all the elasticity and flexibility that the cloud provides the connection of things.

“The cloud should be the place for data collection,
“says Luiz Faray, director of IT solutions for Oi. But, he said, it is important to have distributed processing with filters and data analysis done locally before sending to a cloud.

2. It has authentication mechanisms

Among the companies’ concerns about adopting IoT is information security. Therefore, platforms must provide full control and ownership of the data (domain) and it is recommended that they have a robust encryption mechanism.

3. It has an API set

The availability of APIs (Application Programming Interface, or Application Programming Interface) is essential. That’s because it can greatly increase the usability and data integration of enterprise platforms and applications, making the most of the Internet of Things.

4. Has a marketplace

Another relevant point is the availability of a marketplace. This will make life easier for developers to integrate functionality and automation already developed into “packages.” The use of bots and artificial intelligence through marketplace acquisition will increase the potential of new applications.

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