5 applications that will make your life easier in 2019

Here’s how to control the menstrual cycle, care for the pet, organize finances, and even do graphic mounts.

How often do you use your phone to make calls?

Of course less than checking WhatsApp or Instagram. And precisely for this reason, there is nothing lacking to leave your phone full and full of functions.

Need to upgrade on your?

Here are 5 apps that can help you with a thousand tasks (all available for Android and IOS) in 2019.

1. Control of the mental cycle

Menstrual cycle care and advice on women’s health fill the Mayan application (maya.live). After entering your basic data, enter the date of the last menstruation, the home screen receives updates such as mood prediction and symptoms that can affect you throughout the day. In addition to the support of a calendar, and to keep track of its most fertile moments, it is possible to record and analyze temperature and weight variations. You can also put alerts on the use of medications.

Organization of tasks and commitments

Functionally, Asana is for scheduling control and individual or group tasks. Appointment scheduling is done on a calendar, and if the application is used by a team, one member can directly query the schedules of others. Tasks are created as projects and allow you to attach files, update progress status, and add tags to the organization.

Financial control

Lightweight and intuitive, the Mobills application works manually. It is up to the user to record expenses, revenues and analyze the functioning of their savings throughout the month. For a better view of expenses, you can separate them by categories and thus find out what the costs are. In addition to financial control, the application has the function of saving targets, informing if the user is near or far from their achievements.

Pet care Clinic

Hey Pets is like a diary for your pet. In it there is a schedule to update the daily tasks of the pet + space devoted to health, with functions of updating vaccines, medicines and diets. Valid for dogs, cats, horses, fish and exotic animals, the app has useful articles for caring for pets and a guide to finding nearby services.

Make graphic montages

Cute invitations, postings and sets can be made in Canva, an application that has ready-made templates and allows the creation of new ones. It pays to create from scratch, edit and develop a lot of content. The application is ideal for personal use or for work.

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