5 reasons not to get carried away by the hype of 5G smartphones in 2019

We already knew that 2019 would be the year when the first 5G phones would be available for purchase, but even before the calendar turn, the ball is already starting to roll. Samsung and Verizon announced this week (AT & T soon) that they will partner to deliver a 5G phone in the first half of 2019, bringing Wi-Fi speeds to mobile networks.

But the theory seems more distant than practice, of course. While the first phones capable of providing 5G will have the right to brag, the benefit to consumers will not be so great, especially for the first generation of handsets. While 5G is certainly the future and someone has to be the first, you may not want to rush out to buy any Samsung 5G phone released next year. Here are five reasons to expect:

Networks are still being built

In October, Verizon launched the world’s first 5G service in the United States with a number of caveats: limited to certain areas, it only works inside your home and does not use the newest 5G NR specification.

And the phone can not connect to it. Although Verizon and other companies have talked about the 5G network concept test for smartphones, the service has not yet been implemented, so the first 5G phone will still be using LTE.

Verizon and AT & T promise to launch 5G mobile networks next year, but the service will be extremely limited. So those first 5G phones probably will not work until at least 2020, if not more.

Battery life may get worse

At that time, when the first LTE phones arrived, they killed the battery and made some revisions until we could keep LTE on all the time and still have a phone that would last most of the day.

There is a good chance that early 5G modems have the same damaging effects on battery life as the technology matures, and chip and phone manufacturers work together to optimize new speeds.

It is likely to be controlled by the operator

Although AT & T is also working on the phone, the fact that Verizon has a window of exclusivity and being the first carrier to make the announcement suggests that the launch will be tightly tied and controlled by operators.

And that will probably be the case for a while. The same thing happened when the first LTE phones arrived and it took a while until we could buy a phone and just swapped out a SIM card. And consumers already know that cell phones are never a good thing, with low prices, terrible updates and mediocre support.

It will probably cost a lot

The new technology costs money, and the first 5G phones will certainly have a premium over LTE. Verizon will charge for the service, which will certainly cost more than the LTE standard. We do not know how much the first 5G phone from Samsung will cost, but we also do not know how much. Verizon is charging $ 50 a month for its 5G Home wireless internet service, plus existing wireless service.

The iPhone will not have the technology

The biggest reason to be skeptical of Samsung’s first 5G phone is Apple. After recent rumors, Bloomberg reported this week that the iPhone will not be getting a 5G model until at least 2020, which means the technology will not have adequate support until then.

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