IPhone 2019 color, inspires optimism and asks for reconnection with nature

Pantone publishes, before the beginning of each year, the color that portrays the “spirit of the time” in which we live.

And after the ultraviolet last year, the company has now gone to the bottom of the oceans to evoke a color that, according to her, prompts the reconnection of man with nature: living coral, orange hue next to what often we call the color “peach”, it’s the color of 2019.

“The decisive influence over the next year was the environment,” Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone’s color consulting unit, told Quartz.

“Above all, the sweeping beauty we see in nature and the importance of preserving the environment. Coral reefs give shelter and sustenance to marine life, and here we are watching them disappear, “he notes.

Pantone denies that the intention of the annual disclosure of the color of the moment is the launching of trends for the business.

Quite the opposite: “It’s a reflection on what’s happening in the culture right now,” Pressman says, stating that living coral has appeared again this year at fashion shows, furniture, corporate brands and even electronic devices.

In fact: the launch of the iPhone XR a few months ago presented a choral variant of the device that is one of the most desired by consumers in the world.

“A company on the frontier of technological innovation taking a color from nature. Are we mixing the two? Or did they come up with the idea of ​​a color that can be considered retro to be introduced in modern equipment? “He asks.

Above all, the VP of Pantone says that the living coral of 2019 inspires optimism and positive connections between man and nature.

For her, despite all the political tension in various corners of the globe and scandals involving large corporations, people are increasingly turning to colors to elevate their moods and assert themselves as capable individuals.

“Today, we are looking for colors that surround us with warmth and confidence in our environment of constant changes,” he says.

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