Oppo confirms release of its folding smartphone for February 2019

In addition to the ever-thinner edges of smartphone screens and interesting solutions as seen on Nubia X to avoid notching, 2019 will be a year marked not only by cell phones with screens occupying the entire front panel but also by the emergence, popularization and launch of the first smartphones in the world.

This year we have already seen the first announcement made by the startup Royole, but the main companies in the market should take another month and bet on the ad only from January 2019, and the big bet is for the big events that occur at the beginning of the year .

In January we will have the E3 (Consumer Electronic Show) of Las Vegas between the 8th and 11th of the month, and in February the city of Barcelona returns to host the MWC (Mobile World Congress), and it seems that it will be during the days 25 and 28 of February that Oppo will present its folding smartphone to the world.

The Chinese Oppo has already registered several patents and also has already presented a live prototype of its device with flexible screen in full operation, but little was said officially by the company after that.

Here’s a look at the brand’s product manager, Chuck Wang, on Wednesday (28) confirmed that the manufacturer will announce its folding smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in late February in an interview with Dutch website Tweakers, but no further information was revealed as design details, size or number of device screens.

Samsung unveiled its prototype device for 2019 a few weeks ago confirming the development of the Infinity-Flex panel and ensuring that it will have a flexible internal screen of 7.3 inches and a fixed external screen and less than 4.6 inches.

In addition to the South Korean giant, other companies such as Huawei and LG have confirmed that next year plans to announce a foldable smartphone for the world market.

There is no concrete information about the price of such models, but do not expect them to hit stores below $ 1,600, at least during this first year of launch where the technology is still extremely expensive and complex to produce on a large scale.

Leaks have already indicated that Xiaomi plans to announce a cheap folding smartphone in 2019, but there is still a lot of information missing that may come up in the coming months, so keep an eye on it!

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