Samsung launched its first smartphone with Infinity-O display

Samsung has been spotted again using DSLR photos to promote the camera from a mobile phone. This time, the Malaysian subsidiary took a picture of photographer Dunja Djudjic suggesting that it was made on the Galaxy A8 Star with dual camera.

Samsung confirmed for its Chinese Twitter account, specializing in mobile device disclosure, the official release date of the Galaxy A8s, with Infinity-O. The banner says it will be presented on December 10, at 4 p.m. (China time).

The Galaxy A8s will bring a new design to Samsung’s smartphones, to take better advantage of the front of the handsets.

The company was one of the only ones who did not adhere to the notch on the screen, she opted to leave a top edge, very thin, for the front components.

Apparently this space was bothering the manufacturer, who wants to get the edges almost completely on this new device.

The Infinity-O will put the front camera under the display, so the lens will not interfere with the use of the screen. Possibly the screen will be LCD with 6.3 inches and Full HD + resolution, the ratio will be 19: 5: 9.

Other leaks indicated that it will be possible to hide the “hole” of the display while watching some video, but this all must be confirmed by Samsung with the official release.

If speculation about the smartphone is confirmed, it will be equipped with SoC Snapdragon 710, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

There will be three rear cameras, the main one with 24MP, the secondary with 10MP and the third with 5MP, one of the lens will be Ultra Wide 120 degrees.

The front camera for selfies will be the same as the main camera with 24MP. The handset battery will take 3.400mAh and it will get out of the box by running the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system.

The smartphone should reach the Chinese market first, since that was where the smartphone was announced. There is still no news of when it should be ready to be marketed or what value it will get.

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