Samsung promises smartphone with 5G by early 2019

Verizon and Samsung are teaming up to launch what may be the world’s first 5G smartphone. The companies announced that the South Korean 5G pioneer compatible as the new standard provided by the carrier will arrive in the first half of that year.

Verizon faces the problem of pioneering the 5G market. He has launched commercial plans in the United States for the new standard in most cities. However, what she calls Home 5G is just the offer of fixed wireless internet at higher speeds. That is, it is still only available for tablets and computers.

The expansion to the “mobile 5G”, as it is called, will only come out after the first device already compatible with the technology to hit the market. So she has been working closely with Samsung to ensure that this happens as quickly as possible.

In 2017, the two have already demonstrated the ability of the 5G to download an 8K video and upload a 4K in a bullet train at 200km / h. As such, the company says it provides a peak data transfer rate of 20 Gbps, with a usable rate of 100 Mbps.

In this second, there was also the first video connection using the 5G. However, as the tests were done in South Korea, SK Telecom offered the infrastructure to be the pioneer in the country. Although company CEO Park Jung-ho has not reported on the smartphone model used for the call, it is speculated that he has been a prototype of the Galaxy S10, supposedly with a 5G version.


While both Verizon and Samsung want the South Korean smartphone to be the first with a new standard in the market, other companies have already bet heavily on this race.

This year, Motorola has already released the Moto Mod 5G, an accessory that would be added to Moto Z3 Play and compatible with the new standard. However, although it has already released the device, the modem module still has no date to reach the market. That is, it still does not guarantee that the device is the first to have 5G.

Another in this race is Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer has already promised that its device with 5G arrives next year, already with foldable screen technology. However, it is expected to be released in June next year.

As Samsung and Verizon promise for the beginning of next year, it is possible that the South Korean device will arrive along with the new Galaxy line, normally presented in the first months.

Rumors point out that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S10 compatible with 5G and powerful 12GB of RAM and internal storage of 1TB. The manufacturer, however, has not yet confirmed this information.

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