Smartphone, companies invest in new technologies in 2019

Samsung, one of the largest handset makers in the world, has confirmed the launch of the 5G Smartphone. The launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019 in a partnership with Verizon, a US carrier.

The 5G technology is still finding its way in countries such as the United States, South Korea and also in the UK. At the same time, China already thinks of 6G technology at the same time with the commercialization of 5G.

Remembering that the Chinese already invest in the sixth generation of mobile handsets. Apple giant said that it should not launch the Iphone model with 5G technology before 2020.

However, this measure favors manufacturers, especially Samsung, which has already stated that it will launch the 5G technology in 2019. Meanwhile, the user has the option to purchase 4G cell phones with considerable cost benefit.

Benefits of a 5G Smartphone

Speed ​​greater than 4G in navigation, Streaming of videos, phone calls, and Web browsing.
Speed ​​above 10 and 50 gigabits per second, surpassing the 4G that operates at 1 gigabit per second depending on the conditions.

Transmission of data at 7.5 Gbps point to point.
Low Latency with 1 millisecond load time.

How does a 5G Smartphone work?

Basically Smartphones work with 2-way radio transmission, with voice conversion, converted into electrical signals.

The data is sent from the transmitting device (Cellular) to the nearest operator’s tower, where it is immediately repeated and sent to the receiving user’s cell phone.

In the 4G system the LTE operates in the bands of up to 20Mhz, however in the 5G, the range of performance is close to 6Ghz. Remembering that the frequency range is higher, and most are not used, so the information moves at higher speeds.

Anyway, are we ready to receive the 5G Smartphone?

Sure enough, many countries have prepared to receive updates on mobile phone systems. On the other hand, in Brazil, it is necessary to install new antennas, because the higher signals of the frequencies do not reach great distances.

Finally, Anatel has already opened a public consultation in 2018, for the use of the bands of 2.3 Ghz and 3.5 Ghz. According to the Spectrum and Orbit Committee of Anatel, this track is highlighted worldwide harmonization for the IMT.

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