Check out key new features in apps

We list here the applications released in the beginning of the year 2019, improvements and bug fixes brought in updates that the average user can not always see.

Here are our highlights, divided into the following categories: cross platform, Android, iOS and Windows.


The modifications made by Instagram were discovered by WABetaInfo, which anticipates several times the plans for the WhatsApp messenger. It looks like the way you’ll see posts in the feed will change, where posts will appear in the form of cards, which you plan to see other images or videos, similar to Stories.


The application has been one of the few applications that still support the platform with regular updates. Today, a new update has been released for Windows Phone users, taking the instant messenger to version 2.18.206 and brings support for the private reply feature again.

The feature was released for Android devices a month ago via a beta update and was first added to Windows Phone about a year ago and removed due to upgrade issues.

Google translator

The new Google Translate update aims to reduce gender trends in your translations. Now, in some languages, the translations appear in the masculine and feminine genres, if the terms requested allow such flexibility.

Words like “strong” or “doctor” (doctor or doctor) tended toward the masculine; while “beautiful” and “nurse” tended toward the feminine. With the update, however, Google Translate will show both options

Payment Market

Mercado Pago recently launched a solution for payments through QR Code with the goal of complicating the lives of those who live forgetting the wallet at home. Taking a new step now to make your wallet more attractive, the platform announces that the balance of users will begin to render automatically.


The application is in the list, but not for an upgrade or improvement. The search giant plans to shut down Hangouts by 2020. The messaging service would not last long, especially with similar tools from the company itself, and the recent outage of the Chrome service plug-in.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook decided to take advantage of the end of the year to contemplate the lighter version of Messenger with a host of new features, always keeping the messenger in the size of 10 MB.

If you receive a GIF, the animation will appear automatically and you can also send regular GIFs (standard format), although the latter is not possible through the application itself.

In addition, you customize your conversations with different people and groups, change the color of the chat, and even create nicknames for the people you’re talking to.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has ambitious plans with its official browser, Edge, and they include in addition to the redesign with a cross-platform expansion mechanism based on Chromium – the information clarifies rumors that the software would supposedly be discontinued in favor of launching a browser similar to Chrome.

The company revealed in a posting on its official blog that the browser will come not only for older versions of Windows (including 7 and 8) but also for macOS, Apple’s operating system.

Google App Store

The Google Play Store should receive an update with a bar to show how much space apps have. The news was perceived by a source from the Android Police website and the Italian portal HDBlog.

According to her, after winning a new version of the Google store on her device, she noticed a bar to show the storage in the “My apps” option. To conclude, the Play Store may still suggest to the person which apps can be deleted, depending on the frequency of use

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