With telepresence service, Celesc reduces 40% of travel expenses

Technology is integrated with video and web conferencing solutions through multi-devices in the cloud; more mobility and flexibility are some of the advantages

With digital transformation the concept of collaboration gains strength. What in the past depended on face-to-face meetings to be debated today is almost barrier-free, no matter where people are.

Connected to the internet, any device allows the exchange of ideas with the help of audio solutions, video conferencing and other technologies that enable interaction between people. Telepresence strengthens, a solution that allows meetings with professionals from different locations and with the same quality as those made in person.

In order to optimize its work at Celesc, Santa Catarina’s electricity distribution and marketing company, which has 16 branches throughout the state, Oi has suggested the implementation of the telepresence service in 21 conference rooms and 20 virtual rooms distributed in the main company.

As a result, the organization reduced travel and meeting expenses by 40% in the second half of 2017 compared to the same period last year.

“It was very common for staff to come from the units for meetings in the central administration. Now we hold these meetings in a virtual way, without losing quality, with economy of passages, daily and employee time, which increases productivity, “says Nelson Santiago, director of corporate management at Celesc.

Oi’s telepresence service offers integration between videoconferencing, telepresence and web conferencing through multi-devices in the cloud, which ensures reduced time for executive decision-making.

The technology relies on Cisco’s partnership and operates with encrypted security. In addition, it can be accessed by high-resolution video rooms, notebooks, tablets or even smartphones connected in private network or internet. “The advantage is breaking the physical barrier: the employee does not have to be present in a videoconference room to attend a meeting.

With the cloud solution, access can be done anytime, anywhere, “said Cátia Tokoro, B2B director of Oi. According to her, the solution meets current mobility needs, where employees can be in a client or in a branch office and attend a meeting.

Key gains from using technology

– Cost savings, with reduction of expenses with travel, lodging and transportation;

– Mobility for employees to attend meetings wherever they are, increasing participation and collaboration;

– Flexibility to join meetings remotely, from any device such as desktop, tablet or smartphone;

– As it works as a videoconference and collaboration platform, it can also be used to conduct training.

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